Stats, Shop, Start Level: Devlog 3

Start game level is getting an overhaul. Available characters are now seen camping outside a rundown, looted gas station and garage. A car sits waiting to take the player into the wastelands.

Work on shops is continuing quickly. The shop now has a counter and display crates to show merchandise on.

By holding shift and hovering over the health and armour bars the character stats will be displayed. This display will show all character related stats such as walking speed and telekinetic range as well as more detailed weapon info.

  • added gas station artwork to start level
  • added garage artwork to start level
  • added character stat display to start level characters
  • added fire pit flames that damage the player when touched
  • fixed enemy melee weapon position
  • added more artwork for the shop
  • added a shadow to the font making it easier to read
  • fixed hallways not generating
  • started improving enemy AI

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