Edge Of Dead: Devlog 1

Added new ways to interact with objects in the game. You can push furniture around and pick up and throw things like chairs. You can now use the furniture and other objects as mobile cover. Added Xbox controller support for movement.

Pushing objects

Need to block a doorway to stop flesh eating beetles pouring in? Just push a couch in front of it. Most movable objects can be destroyed so they will work as cover for a while but not forever. Low objects like a couch for example will block or slow enemy movement but not bullets. Taller objects will block shots as well as movement. Objects can be pushed into each other with a speed penalty. The more things you are pushing around the slower you will move.

Throwing furniture

If you’re out of ammo why not rip up that toilet and throw it. Throwing objects into enemies will push them back, stun them for a while, and cause them damage. Also the thrown object will take damage.

  • added pickup large objects like furniture
  • added throwing large objects
  • added enemy shots hit objects and cause damage
  • added damage to all enemies hit by thrown objects
  • added player pushing objects
  • started implementing Xbox controller support

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